Dec. 27th, 2013

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*blows dust off comm*

So I stumbled across a wee sound project recently, that I thought might be relevant to the interests of members of this comm.

The folks over at are hosting a collaborative sound project where people interested in sound from around the world, send in a photograph of somewhere along with a minute or less of location sound that sums up the place in the photo. You can see some examples of the postcards they've received so far here along with how to play if you'd like to join in. So far there have been postcards from India, Sweden and various bits of the UK and hopefully more places to come.

If you, like me, have a tendancy to take your location recorder all over the place with you and come back from holidays with hours worth of sound of which you find a use for maybe 3 sounds in other projects, then this seems an ideal way to make use of atmos you love but have never found a use for. Especially if you were on holiday so took a photo of the place.


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