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I'm interested in buying some gear for home music recording. I'd like to be able to record acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, keyboard, and I guess some other random stuff I might come up with (like, idk, tambourine or something). I have a Macbook and Garageband. I don't have any sort of good studio setup -- we're just talking about a living room in an average house.

I'm thinking of getting something like the M-Audio Fast-Track Ultra and a couple of microphones (probably something good for vocals, and something good for acoustic guitar). Anyone got any recommendations/thoughts on good mics, and/or reviews or opinions or alternatives to the M-Audio doodad? Is there anything else I might want to pick up that I haven't thought of?

(Just to explain... I'm heading back from the US, where I've been living for a few years, to Australia, where all this gear will cost at least 50% more, so I'm trying to buy any major purchases I might want before I leave.)

Date: 02/06/2011 07:32 pm (UTC)
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I am no expert (actually, I'm pretty much a rank beginner) but recently I went microphone shopping for a good, solid, not too expensive vocal microphone, and this was what I ended up deciding on based on a lot of copious review reading. Apparently besides being fairly well regarded sound-wise for the price range, they're built like a rock because they're travel performance mics, and doable for beginning vocal recording.


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