Date: 20/03/2012 03:51 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] glinda
Hee, no problem, (I don't get to talk shop very much at the moment, so apologies if I ramble) atmos is atmospheres. Basically its background sound for a scene. For example the scene I was talking about was in a pub, if you recorded the dialogue in a busy pub you'd loose bits of your dialogue in the general sound and it would be really obvious where you'd cut from one shot to another (sort of the aural equivalent of the pint glass where the amount of liquid goes up and down between shots). So you record the dialogue with the pub quiet and then the sound recordist records all the extras chatting away creating the atmosphere of the place. Then you layer them together in postproduction and can adjust the volume against each other so you get the atmos of being in the actual pub but can still hear your actors clearly. In this case we had two scenes in a pub: one where its supposed to be a busy night and another where its a quieter afternoon - so I recorded one atmos/wildtrack with all the extras we could find sitting around chatting and then another with just a couple of them having a quiet chat at the far side of the pub and the barman operating the till and serving a few people. In the end I used the busier sound (my 'different louder atmos') under both scenes because the director liked it better.

(When I go on holiday I take my micro-track recorder with me and record the atmosphere's of interesting places in case I need them in future.)

That was possibly an awfully long explanation for a random vocab question, but hopefully it makes more sense now?
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