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Send a Sound Postcard?

*blows dust off comm*

So I stumbled across a wee sound project recently, that I thought might be relevant to the interests of members of this comm.

The folks over at are hosting a collaborative sound project where people interested in sound from around the world, send in a photograph of somewhere along with a minute or less of location sound that sums up the place in the photo. You can see some examples of the postcards they've received so far here along with how to play if you'd like to join in. So far there have been postcards from India, Sweden and various bits of the UK and hopefully more places to come.

If you, like me, have a tendancy to take your location recorder all over the place with you and come back from holidays with hours worth of sound of which you find a use for maybe 3 sounds in other projects, then this seems an ideal way to make use of atmos you love but have never found a use for. Especially if you were on holiday so took a photo of the place.
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Creating Muffled Sound

So I just finished working on the sound design for a short film. One of the bits of feedback I got was that the dialogue was 'too clean' could I dirty it up a bit. Now there's a lot of things I've done with dialogue, I can make it sound like its on the radio or the telephone, make it sound like its underwater (which I did for another bit of this film), speed it up, slow it down, pitch shift it. I've made specific sounds 'dirty' but that was foley recordings and I specifically recorded them so they sounded that way. But everything I've ever done with dialogue recording on location for the last five years has been to get as clean dialogue as possible. Almost every article I could find on 'muffled' or 'dirty' dialogue sound was about how to clean it up.

So I thought I'd try and tap into the hive mind. If you've got nice clean dialogue, how do you make it muffled in post-production without just making it sound odd/distorted?

(For reference I'm using ProTools)
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Stress testing Shure mics

Hope this is sufficiently on-topic...

A friend tweeted this fun article about how Shure ensures their mics' durability, by eg. dropping them repeatedly from a height, and bathing them in fake sweat -- the real stuff isn't corrosive enough, apparently: "There are off-the-shelf products that simulate perspiration, but Shure engineers determined that the generic sweat just wasn’t corrosive enough, and worked with the sweat-makers to develop a unique formula to meet their needs."

Home recording setup

I'm interested in buying some gear for home music recording. I'd like to be able to record acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, keyboard, and I guess some other random stuff I might come up with (like, idk, tambourine or something). I have a Macbook and Garageband. I don't have any sort of good studio setup -- we're just talking about a living room in an average house.

I'm thinking of getting something like the M-Audio Fast-Track Ultra and a couple of microphones (probably something good for vocals, and something good for acoustic guitar). Anyone got any recommendations/thoughts on good mics, and/or reviews or opinions or alternatives to the M-Audio doodad? Is there anything else I might want to pick up that I haven't thought of?

(Just to explain... I'm heading back from the US, where I've been living for a few years, to Australia, where all this gear will cost at least 50% more, so I'm trying to buy any major purchases I might want before I leave.)
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Lapel microphones

Has anyone any thoughts on good ways to minimise feedback when using lapel microphones, which are almost omnidirectional?
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Obligatory Initial Modpost

This is your obligatory modpost, I am your mod.

Hopefully you'll all play nicely, so the only interaction you'll have with me is discussing sound techniques but if there are any problems you can leave me a comment here or send me a DM. Abusive/trolling behaviour will get you banned.

This post can also double up as an 'introduce yourself' post if you want one.