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Name:Designing Sound for Fun and Profit
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Community description:For people who love sound
This is a comm for sound designers, sound engineers, sound editors and sound artists whether professional, amateur or students to talk about sound. Whether that takes the form of film, television, animations, theatre or art installation. See a film with utterly awesome (or utterly appalling) sound? Learn a trick you just want to enthuse endlessly about or have a problem you could do with some suggestions to fix? This is the place for it.

It is first and foremost a place for people who love sound, so remember that expertise levels vary and to keep a civil tongue and everything will be fine.

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adr, bbc radiophonics workshop, cosine waves, david sonnenschein, delia derbyshire, diagetic sound, dialogue, dialogue editing, dubbing, filters, foley, golden ratio, hiss, is this thing on, it goes to 11, location recording, michel chion, microphones, mixing, musique concrete, narration, post-production, room buzz, sfx, sine waves, sonic, sonic art, sound art, sound design, sound editing, sound effects, sound geekery, sound ideas, sound recording, square waves, sync sound, synthenis, voiceovers, walter murch, white noise
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